Gbenga Ogunjimi

Identity Strategist I Speaker I Advisor


Borderless Voice: The Power of Telling Your Story and Defining Your Identity by Gbenga Ogunjimi


elevate your story 

Gbenga is a West African word for Elevate.

After helping thought leaders and corporations around the world tell their story, I discovered that multi-talented people are often the most conflicted. They struggle to give themselves permission to be the architect of their professional identity. The same problem applies to businesses and nonprofit organizations; they struggle to tell a story that captures the many facets of what they do.

I therefore made it my mission as an Identity Strategist to help you elevate your story in these ways:

  • ELEVATE Your Core - unleash the power of your brand identity  
  • ELEVATE Your Voice - articulate your unique message and contributions to the world
  • ELEVATE Your Tribe - tell a new story that expands the circles of your impact, influence and income  

The GO Global INC. team and I look forward to helping you and your business elevate your story through our coaching, consulting and investing services. 


"Gbenga led a brilliant, dexterous presentation at Foundation Center's NYC headquarters on the use of storytelling for accessing funding and professional opportunities. His lively session was tremendously well-received by our audience of New York nonprofits and social enterprises; participants responded that they discovered a newfound confidence and a better grasp of how to steer their own personal story into a compelling, forward-looking tale that truly connects with potential funders, employers, and clients. Gbenga did an outstanding job of inspiring a room full of people to present themselves and their organizations to the world with greater confidence and leadership."

--The Foundation Center HQ New York